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JenniferJennifer Walker-Wichita, Kansas
 I purchased a 7 year old Quarter Horse mare in April of 2006. She had an injury from getting caught under a fence. The vets said she pulled her stifle and she needed six months of no riding and she might be ok. The owners were not patient and wanted another horse. Needless to say I got a deal and figured if she wouldn’t be sound that I would turn her into a brood mare. She had already had four months off so I babied her for a couple more months and then started some light exercise. She would have her good days and bad days. On the good days not a lame step and on the bad days she could hardly walk. I took her to my vet and he said her stifles were shot and to turn her into a brood mare. I was still optimistic and continued to ride her on the good days. There was a local show that I decided to take her to and she won everything on the first day and then on the second day she turned up lame in the middle of the class. (How embarrassing!) Marty just happened to be at the show checking up on another client. We talked and she immediately examined my horse and told me it was her hamstring not her stifle. I bought the Photonic Torch and started using it like instructed and within two weeks not another lame step. It is now October and we have been to several horse shows winning circuit championships and versatilities.

My husband also uses the torch. He is an athlete and competes in triathlons. He developed plantar fasciitis, a syndrome of heel pain due to inflammation of the thick ligament of the base of the foot. The torch has helped him to overcome this injury. I am a believer and so is my husband in this torch and would recommend it to anyone, animal or human.

tallgrassshadylady 3shadyladyWe are using the Photonic Torch in our work. It is an 8-diode (non-coherent light) laser which produces 660nm monochromatic light to boost cellular energy and accelerate healing. We have been using the Torch directly with horses, dogs and cats who are particularly sensitive to touch and in areas on the body that are difficult to reach. The reaction has been very positive especially in dealing with animals in pain.
Recently, working on a horse, we saw obvious pain reduction and increased flexibility of a badly injured neck. We were able to work with the Ting Points on a dog whose paws were hyper-sensitive. And, an ailing cat allowed us to get close enough to use the Photonic Torch to help her with her respiratory problem.

Kelsy1Kelsey Deal,   Elk City, OK

After using the Photonic Torch on Six Moons Cash, his time improved by 3/10th of a second helping him to win the second go-round and average of the WPRA Futurity in Wichita, KS.  The "light" also relieved the muscle spasms in his neck and shoulders, and made him more relaxed.
Hesanuther Rooster had chronic swelling in his back ankle for six months.  After using the Photonic Torch, the swelling was greatly reduced.  It also relieved the soreness in his neck  and hips. Thanks for helping our horses!


Kristen Meier- Kinta, Oklahomakristin

I absolutely love the results I have seen from the Photonic Torch. The level of competition horses compete under today can take a toll on their bodies. The Photonic Torch is one of the tools I use to keep my horses feeling their best. It has been successful in relieving them of muscle soreness and also helping to relieve anxiety and nervousness at competition. My husband, Austin has also seen improvement with his Asthma symptoms with regular use of the torch. Whether it is the horses or us, when there is an ache or pain we use the torch to find relief.

Thanks so much,
Kristen Meier and Dash For Real
2005 Old Fort Days Derby Finalist

worlandThe Worlands
I want to thank Marty for the 5 hours she spent working on our two horses. The money and time is an investment in their future and we could not be more pleased with the results we have received from the Equinix Photonic Torch. We travel many highway miles throughout the year and the "torch" has kept our two horses running to their maximum potential. I highly recommend Equinix Photonic Torch. Thanks so much and be well!
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