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                   LISA HOARD - Equine Nutritional Specialist
ADM Altiance Nutrition, Inc.- Wichita, KS
lisa 350

My 12yr. old gelding, Dogs Tiger Too (Bailey) has been performing in barrel racing competitions for the last 4 years. He competes at some of the largest and toughest barrel racing competitions in the county. There's usually anywhere from 400- 800 each round, including 2 to 3 go-rounds each weekend. Bailey has qualified for every Finals go-round (except 1 in MS - hit barrel!!) constantly in the ID or 2D over the last 3 years. I know without a doubt there's no way his body could keep up with his strenuous schedule we run all throughout the year if it wasn't for the treatments of the Photonic Torch enabling him to perform at his "peak" ability. The PhotonicTorch is included in part of his daily grooming, with extra massage time given between runs at the shows. Bailey, as in most performance horses, has stressed muscles along his mid back, hips & stifles from such high speed hard turns. Treatments with the Photonic Torch keeps Bailey pain free, enabling him to perform at his "optimum" ability while performing all across the country. As an Equine Nutritonal' Specialist, I recommend the use of the Photonic Torch to all my customers to complete their overall horse maintenance program.

estradaRachel Thompson -Kansas City, MO

I thought you might like to see a more recent picture of Estrella. She is doing wonderful! My mouth drops when I watch her workout sessions. Her gaits are free and flowing works of art. I her mind has taken a while to come around, but that can not be remedied with the Equinix Photonic Torch.. What the light did, I believe was free up some tightness inside that had come about through years of abuse. I still use it on her periodically and can't tell if it works or she just likes being touched, but she is definitely moving better equally on both sides. I have been taking care of Navarre, the big black andalusian stallion, he almost foundered from being moved to a new farm and I am going to use the light on him.

pamPam Mowery - Owasso, Oklahoma
I wanted to let you know how wonderful your Photonic Torch is. I purchased my torch from you at the Tulsa Winter Spectacular last year after you treated my paint gelding. I had purchased him 6 months prior to our meeting. He began limping 2 days after I bought him and the vet exam discovered he had a torn suspensory ligament on his front right leg. This was devastating. The outlook was pretty grim, the recovery time was going to be very lengthy and the outcome was uncertain. I cannot tell you how many people told me that he would probably never recover from an injury like that.
I followed my vet's instructions and we were seeing some progress, but it was very slow in coming and my gelding was getting frustrated. We finally got a clean ultrasound and I could begin doing light exercise with gradual increases in intensity. But, there were times that he would limp the next day and would have to have a day or so off.
After using the Photonic Torch on him every day with out fail, within 30 days he no longer limped after a tough workout or race. I now use this light on my older gray gelding, who is a cribber, to keep him sound and feeling good. Thank you for showing me all of the uses for the Photonic Torch. I am training for the Disney World Marathon and am using it on the knee I injured in a marathon in 1998. I even started using it on my husband's and my corgi's

buddy_memphisBecky Canady & William Hey Buddy,
Towanda, Kansas

Thank you for working on my horse, William Hey Buddy, in Memphis, Tennessee during the EBFA Finals. Buddy wsa not quite right for almost three weeks. After you worked on him he made an awesome "Buddy" run. I didn't think that little light would really help, but the proof was in the 4th place run he made! Keep up the good work!"

shoerShane Schewda - Farrier - Manhattan Kansas
I've been shoeing horses for 5 years. About the 4th year my elbow started hurting. The doctors and my chiropractor said it was Tennis Elbow and the only way to cure it was to take cortisone shots or slow down on my shoeing. I pretty much would have to stop shoeing horses. The first time I met Marty I was wearing an elbow brace with magnets in it, but it wasn't doing me any good. After I shod Marty's horses she gave me a demonstration treatment with the light, and it just worked wonders. In two weeks I stopped wearing my brace; then it started hurting again, so I went back and had Marty use her light on my elbow again, and it's just been great. It's been 5 months since I had the light used on me and I haven't worn my brace since. It was the best thing that could have happened to me because my business was on the line and the light brought me through it. All I can say is I have a light ordered and if you have any aches or pains I sure recommend it.

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