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ohioRhonda Foubert
Hello Marty, Just sending you a note to let you know how thrilled I am with my torch! It has been a blessing to us and we've only had it about 10 days. We have a 6 year old mare which we raised who we have had high hopes for. We sent her to the track as a 2 and a 3 year old, but she always seemed to come up sore after being there a while. She would continually stand with one hind leg back behind her, and the other leg square underneath her. We had dome joint injections done on her at the track, but they didn't seem to give her much, if any, relief. An equine massage therapist worked on her before her last race, and she led that race for at least half of it, only to give up and quit trying. We then brought her home, turned her out for the winter and then went to riding her again these past 2 summers. She has periodically come up sore and it has been typical for her to be very touchy thorugh her hip and stifle areas, and we thought it was just part of her. After working her quite a bit this spring, she started parking that back leg behind her again and we knew we had to try something if there was any hope to get her going as a barrel horse. Wew are so glad to have talked to you and decided to give the torch a try. I have used it on her probably a half a dozen times, and after a few hours, she has really responded. She is going on day #5 and is standing square again. Yesterday she outran everything in the pasture....still showing no soreness as of today. I put another ride on her this morning and she feels a lot smoother. The bonus was I could brush her all over without her flinching and putting her ears back when you got to her backend. Finally I have hope to be able to get her going and not have to turn her out anymore!! Hope to meet you someday and wanted to tell you thanks for all the tips and a great little tool!

emmaJennifer Pitt, Wichita, KS
I have seen a tremendous difference in my Saddlebred Ebony Masterpiece (Emma) since Marty has been using the photonic torch on her. We have been winning more. In Columbia, Missouri, "Emma" won the five-gaited championship beating two world champions. In Nebraska, she won both the qualifier and the championship classes. At the horse shows, countless people have commented on how good she looks. I attribute it all to the Photonic Torch. Before the light treatments she was good, but she seems to have turned a corner this year. Her motion has improved. Her muscles are looser, and she just seems more relaxed. You used to not be able to lift her tail to put it in a tail set...she hated that. Now, you can lift her tail with no problem. Her body even changed shape...she looks leaner and fit. Thanks Marty for introducing me to the Photonic Torch.

Brooke Luke - San Antonio TXluke
My mare Babe had been running well, but had started wringing her tail and acting hateful.  I was at Connie Combs barrel clinic where Marty was demonstrating the Photonic Light.  I decided to have Babe checked to see if there was a reason for her behavior.  Marty checked Babe's muscle stress points, and her bladder meridian, and Babe let us know she was very sore.  Marty used the light on all the sore areas and you could tell Babe felt much better.  Babe and I won the Jack Pot Barrel Race later that day.  I have continued doing the light therapy on Babe, and she has stopped acting hateful, and wrings her tail only occasionally.  Thanks to the Equinix Photonic Torch I can keep Babe feeling good, and running pain free.

Heidi Rouse-
I wanted to let you know I have been "retraining" my filly to realize it is not going to be painful to give in to pressure going to the left. I have been working her everyday and she is doing much better. I rode her yesterday to work some calves and she was 150% better than before she was treated, so I have to say we have had some good success. I am going to give her some time to see if it is still soreness we are fighting or if it is just fear of possible pain. I will keep you posted. She is still not completely symmetrical, but a lot closer than we were even a few days maybe the spasms have let up since the treatment and she is learning it won't hurt anymore. Don't really know which, but something is making it better!!! I will keep you informed. Thanks a lot.

Laura Burger - Lee Summit, MO.
Hi - How are you? I came back to the Longview Horse Show on Sunday but you had already left.  I hope you did well there. Earl is not better.  I haven't been able to ride him in 3 weeks.  Your therapy has been the only thing to help him so far.  I'd like to order one of your photonic torches so that I can hopefully keep him going. Just let me know the process. Thanks!

before after
Before treatment After treatment

This horse sustained an eye injury and had been treated for 6 months with no improvement.  Scar tissue had built up over the eye and the vet suggested that they take the eye out.  The owner heard about the Photonic Torch and called to see if we thought it would help save the eye.  Not knowing if it would help, but willing to try, we agreed to do trial treatments on the eye to test the Photonic Torch's effectiveness on this type of injury. 

The results have been promising!  We are continuing to do further treatments in the trial.

Marty VanWinkle, Equinix Photonic Torch tm, LLC

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