nancyNancy Smith- Derby, Kansas
January 2, 2006

Dear Marty,
I told you my acupuncture doctor was moving out of town and I didn't know what I was going to do about my psoriasis as he has treated me off and on for many years. It is the only thing that has ever helped except for toxic drugs. When you said the light would stimulate the acupuncture sites I was truly excited. When you have chronic disease you're willing to try anything for relief. After a short time of using the light, the itching and red scaling is much improved.

I decided to try the torch on my feet because your book said the light helps heals almost everything. I have had plantar fascitis for many years and at times it is so very painful to stand or walk. I used the light on my foot and in ONE treatment I could feel the difference. Now I use the light every day and I have been pain free for a month.

Thank you for making the "light "available. It is wonderful to have some relief for these chronic disorders. The convenience of being able to treat them at home is God sent.Much success on your endeavors.

            Joe and Vicki Slowiak-Burleson, TX
Dear Marty

My wife Vicki was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in July of 2004. With many dead-end treatments with doctors and specialists, Vicki was told she would have to live with this painful disorder and was prescribed painkillers and steroids to mask the condition. There is no known cure for the disorder.
My wife had always been petite and very active. After the ordeal with the doctors and gaining 50 pounds, she became suicidal, could not function, was fatigued, moody, and constantly in pain. Every day the pain was somewhere else. She even had to quit her job.
During The AQHA World Show, I ran into my friend Marty VanWinkle. I knew about her work with the torch and had heard about the success she'd had with horses and people. Even though she was a friend I was skeptical.
Having a booth at the World show selling my custom hauler trucks (The FX Transporter) required standing on concrete most of the day, causing my back to hurt. Using the Torch on my back brought great relief. I told Marty that the real test would be if the light could help Vicki.
At first I thought she was doing more damage. Then, she began to feel the pain go away. After working on Vicki for about two hours, she seemed her old self again. The rest of the weekend she felt great. We got home around Thanksgiving, and Vicki and I felt that we had a lot to be thankful for because the pain and symptoms seemed to be gone.

I am here to testify and thank Marty and her Photonic Torch. Today, almost a month later, my wife still feels great and has little if any pain. She has not used any painkillers or steroids since the World Show.

It is three days before Christmas now, and life is great again.

Thank you and may God bless you for the miracle I feel you did for Vicki and myself.

scottDr. Scott D. Loew
Chiropractic Healing Center,8437 State Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66112

E-mail from Dr. Loew:
Thank you for creating this product!
I have suffered from an eczema like, flakey, itchy-scratchy skin rash about 4 X 6 inches for over 15 years on my right shin. During this time, I had seen numerous MD’s and Dermatologists without help. I had been prescribed 14 different prescription medications to treat staph/strep, fungus, yeast, inflammation and more. The list of over the counter medications was even more numerous. A vascular surgeon wanted to strip the veins of my leg. The dermatologist wanted me to wear compression stockings. Another dermatologist did a biopsy that became infected, landing me in a hospital for 10 days with Osteomyelitis, an incredibly painful infection of the bone and surrounding tissues. Chiropractic, Acupuncture and nutritional changes did not help. The area was always an eyesore of various forms of scabs, flaky scales, redness and infections. During this time, scar tissue had built up to almost a quarter inch thick over the wound. I could not wear shorts without people staring at my leg and asking what was wrong.

Enough of the bad stuff. Because I am a Chiropractor, I was very interested in another approach to this problem. One day, while scratching my leg, one of my patients ask me why I was scratching. I showed her the area and she immediately and confidently told me that she had something that would help. Later that week, she brought me your Photonic Torch to use. Desperation overcame my skepticism. I applied the therapy for 5 minutes a day, for 2 weeks. In that time, the scales, infection and most of the redness reduced by 75%. Over the next 2 months, the area has completely healed, the scar tissue build up has gone away and I am seeing the skin become more and more normal looking every day, without any more treatments. The hair has even returned to the area. Unless someone was to stare and look closely at my leg, one would not even notice the area anymore!

Once again, thank you! I have recommended this product to many of my patients that suffer from skin problems and soft tissue pains that have not responded to any other treatment.

Dr. Scott D. Loew

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