George and Carol Wingate Paola, KS

wingateIn January 5, 2005 George had his right kidney removed for a milignant cancer. When we went to prep for surgery, they told us that this is one of the most painful surgeries anyone can go through. George was in the hospital 4 days. With all of the information that the doctors were giving us, the time line for recovery was one we were concerned with. They said 4 weeks George would even feel well enough to go outside, and approx. 6 weeks before he would be strong enough to return to shoeing horses again. We were very lucky that the cancer was contained to the kidney and George did not need radiation or chemo.When we got George home we started using the "torch" in the area of the 13 inch incision, and the areas or the most soreness. He had a follow up in one week and the doctor was very surprised at how much the swelling had gone away, and he removed the 27 staples and just told us to be careful. George continued to use the "torch" daily on all areas. We applied refined emu oil to the incision and then the "torch". Within 2 weeks after the surgery, George was walking on the treadmill and helping me with the chores, carrying feed buckets one time a day (that is all I would let him do.) At the end of 3 weeks he was helping morning and night with feeding, and had started traveling with his brother 2 days a week on his shoeing route.

At George's 30 day check-up the doctor was totally astonished at how well he had healed up and at the activity he was able to do. George was released to go back to work 45 days following his surgery. We told the doctor what we were using on him and his response was, "I don't know anything about lights like that, but whatever you have done is incredible". Followed by Good Luck and Be Careful.

We truly feel that George's quick recovery was due to the use of the torch and the effectiveness of it.


Bud Beaston - Farrier - Skiatook, Oklahoma

I have been a master farrier since 1986 and have suffered from chronic pain in my elbow due to constant pounding on the anvil.  The doctors diagnosed me with what they term as "Tennis Elbow."  In 1994 the problem really elevated due to an injury I received while shoeing a mare that reared up.  I would have the elbow injected, but the pain would resurface.  Besides shaping shoes, using screw guns and hammers while building our house and barn advanced the pain even more. 
The pain would come from the hammer up through the elbow.  It was affecting my grip.  I couldn't take my sock off my left foot with my right hand.  I had just scheduled another injection when my wife saw an ad in the Barrel Horse News advertising the Equinix Photonic Torch.  My wife sent an email to get more information and found out that Marty was going to be in Skiatook Oklahoma that weekend, and she offered to come by and demonstrate the light.  It was unbelievable. After treating my elbow with the light all the pain was gone!  I could take my socks of both my feet with my right hand, and hammered a shoe on the anvil without pain.
Needless to say, I cancelled the injection and purchased a Torch to continue treatment and permanently heal my elbow.
I highly recommend the Equinix Photonic Torch if you're having any kind of pain.  It also works great on horses.
Bud Beaston ll
Master Farrier

Eleanor Bolain - Wichita, Kansas

My mother Ms. Slater is 88 years old has had chronic back pain due to a frozen hip joint for 63 years. This has caused a severe curvature of the spine that has continued to get worse with age. Since 1995 she has gotten cortisone shots in her lower lumbar every 3 months to relieve the pain. After using the Photonic light on her back for about 3 months I haven't had to take her to the Dr. for her cortisone shot for one year this past September 2003. I can't thank you enough for the Photonic Torch.

lindaLinda Parks - Wichita KS

I have been using the light I bought from you for several months to treat my PERIPHERAL SENSORY NEUROPATHY. It has decreased my pain and restored flexibility to my ankles. I am working on my feet now as that is the only area that is still bothered. I no longer wake up from the pain this disease causes.

Thank you so much for bringing me to this wonderful state of pain relief that none of my medical doctors could provide outside of pain medication which I chose not to start. My thoughts were that if you could not feel the pain in your feet and legs you could cut yourself and not be aware of how serious you might have injured yourself. Respectfully, Linda

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