Angie Schindler Dallas, Texas

A few months ago my sister and I decided to take a road trip from Dallas to Kansas to see Marty and learn more about the Photonic Torch. We took 2 dogs with us that were having problems. My dog, Madison, is an 11yo Pug and starting to show the signs of stiffness in her back, legs and neck. Not only did we get to see some fabulous results with a horse we witnessed Marty treat but later that day Marty worked on "Maddie" to help her with all of her problem areas. It took a bit of time but Maddie allowed us to treat each area until the energy flow was returned. As we watched her after treatment her physical movements were more free flowing and obviously with a great reduction in stiffness. She was trotting around like she did 5 years ago. After running around she laid down to take a snooze. The interesting effect was that she was no longer snoring. I was amazed. We still treat Maddie periodically as her symptoms come on and she responds immediately. We have enjoyed quiet nights of no snoring as well.



Lisa Fry - Odessa Missouri
Uses the Photonic Torch for her dog, Scout

Scout tore her knee cap and after surgery was unable to get into a car or on the bed without assistance.  She carried most of her weight on her front end trying to protect her injured hind leg.  After you used the Photonic Torch on her, most of her lameness left and she now can jump into the car and on to the bed by herself.  And for the first time in months she's playing like a puppy.  Thanks for your help and the Photonic Torch.