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Its been about 8 months of light therapy on an injured stifle and shoulder . Started riding him today and all went well. My Dennis the Menace has been worth the time and effort. He's big beautiful and a great mover.






My name is Gary “Baddog” Bennett, and I am a 13 time World and National Class Champion in Cowboy Mounted Shooting and a Wild West Performer; the following is a true story:
My back had been out for 9 months.  I’m not talking a little sore, I’m talking full on could not walk straight, bend over, or even remove my spurs.  All I could do on a horse was walk; no trot, no lope.   This was a real problem since I am a full time horse trainer.  My wife had to saddle my horses and load the truck and trailer; I would pop pain meds right before my runs on the horses she had to warm up for me.   I was going to the Chiropractors twice a week for the entire 9 months.  One day I delivered a horse I sold to its new home at a boarding facility.  Once there the owner looks at the newly delivered horse and says, “She’s sore.” She showed me where the mare was sore, there was a definite reaction, and then she whips out this flash light and says, “Watch this……. “   So the horse started lowering her head and blowing out… and when she rubbed the areas after treatment there was no reaction when pressing in the same spot that had gotten the reactions before.  OK I’m thinking, so maybe this flashlight works, but maybe not…. I asked her to do it on my back as no one had been able to fix it for 9 months….. She put this red flashlight thing right on my back……  24 minutes later I was pain free and could not believe what had just happened!  I bought a Photonic Torch right there on the spot and have been using it to keep myself and my four legged friends pain free ever since.  If you have any questions or just want to talk about my story or Cowboy Mounted Shooting please feel free to contact me at 602-565-1514 or visit my web site www.mrbaddog.com

Baddog Bennett

Day one three legged.
Day two bearing weight.
Day 3 & 4 slight limp.
Day 5: back to riding.
The light can perform miracles.








While hosting a two day horsemanship clinic in Arizona I had the pleasure of meeting Marty. During the clinic, as a demonstration we used a particular rescue mare that had been abandoned. It was evident that the horse had major issues and chronic pain. Marty explained to the audience her plan for helping this horse, using her Photonic Torch.

Within minutes there was a noticeable change in the horse’s demeanor and reaction. The therapy had taken 15 min or less. We all stood there with astonishment seeing the difference between this horse before and after the treatment.

I travel full-time as a clinician, equine professional and horse trainer. My body is sore every day. After having a “light” session with Marty I felt so much better and slept with rest and ease. Something I haven’t felt for a very long time. This light made a difference in my life and also in the lives of other people, and horses. I witnessed it with my own eyes, and felt it in my own body.

Thank you Marty for sharing your knowledge and your Photonic Torch. I feel so much better now, and am happy to call you a friend.

Thanks again!


2 time Mustang Makeover Champion
Documentary Participant in the Film “Wild Horse Wild Ride”
Extreme Cowboy Race Competitor
AQHA World Show Competitor
Professional Horse Trainer

"I just had to write you to tell you how much I appreciated what you did for my horse “Charlie”. Charlie has been an amazing horse for me throughout the years. In the first six months of having Charlie we won $60,000. Unfortunately over the last year and a half we have been struggling and Charlie has just not felt the same. I have tried chiropractors and several other treatments in hope of helping Charlie. After seeing what you accomplished in just a few minutes with your light, I was completely blown away and knew Charlie needed a full light treatment. Two days after his light treatment we won first prize in a World Series of Team Roping Qualifier, paying $6,500! It has been a few weeks now and Charlie still feels like a million bucks. Thanks to you and your Photonic Torch. Our next stop is Las Vegas for $100K!"


Runnin Ricochet Bars
Life time earnings Approx $170,000.00
Owner Thomas Souza Brazil
  Marty VanWinkle
Equinix Photonic Torch, LLC

Runnin Ricochet Bars
Life time earnings Approx $170,000.00
Owner Thomas Souza  Brazil

In early May I was taking barrel racing lessons from Joyce Loomis Kernek.  How I got involved in barrel racing lessons is another story, but that’s when I met” Rico.”

He was off in the front end, and couldn’t take his left lead, and was VERY upset if you asked for it.   Joyce said they had spent all kinds of money on x-rays and treatments but nothing seemed to help.  I told Joyce that if the x-rays showed him structurally sound, that it had to be a muscle ligament issue and that my light could help him.

“Rico” came home with me.  After his first treatment he was able to stand quietly for the shoer, and in approximately 3 months he was back to his old self.

“Rico’s” first big race was the Shoot Out in OKC. There were 677 entries and he had the 21st fastest run.

This picture is of me running Rico, October 22nd, 2011….left lead no issue.  

Light Therapy works—“Rico” is living proof.

Marty VanWinkle
Equinix Photonic Torch, LL


-Looks who's winning with the Equinix Photonic Torch---Congradulations Paige Conrado 2010 BFA Junior Champion. Thanks Kelly Conrado for sharing!!

mareMichelle;Norfolk, NE
Three weeks prior to the NBHA Heartland National Championships my great 1D barrel horse was diagnosed with ulcers. She was put on Gastro guard but still wasn't back to her old self. After a heartbreaking first round time of 15.1 I was devistated. She wasn't firing, sore, sucked up, irritable, and wasn't eating or drinking. I was standing in my stall thinking of what I should do and as fate had it Marty walks by and spots my horse. She asked if she could try the Torch on her. I was VERY doubtful that some "light" was going to help her. But I decided to let Marty go to work on her. After about fifteen minutes with the light my horses physical appearance went from tense to relaxing, she also ate and drank. I've never seen that horse relax and she was enjoying the treatment very much. The second go she ran a 14.8 which put me eleventh in the 1D out of 198 horses and sent me into the short go finals. I had Marty recheck her before I ran again and she was deffinitly a different horse and sound! The finals I ran a 14.5 winning the Reserve National 2D Championship! Thats six tenths faster! After one treatment my mare was feeling back to her old self again before the ulcers and ran VERY HARD. Thank you Marty so much for giving me my horse back! This light is amazing and it works

codyCody Denton; Brighten, CO
My horse Seabiscuit (aka “Biz”) has a scar on his back and over his loin caused by a severe fungus he got as a colt.  He had substantial scar tissue that was painful and tender.  He was also very difficult to bridle, and to touch his ears was almost impossible. 

codyshorseAt the Fizz Bomb Futurity Classic I had Marty with her PHOTONIC TORCH work on “Biz”.  After one session “Biz” was 100% better.  The scar tissue on his back seemed to be less evasive and there was absolutely no pain over the scar.  I was able to rub his ears and I have had no problem bridling him.
Thanks Marty for your help, and I highly recommend the Photonic torch.

your wayLynette Bradeen-Erickson; Rapid City, SD
We purchased a horse named Bo about 4 years ago as a barrel prospect because he showed great potential and had above average speed. His has a consistent pattern always gave 100%.

Over the last 2 years he has been experiencing chronic pain which has kept him out of commission training and competing.

After investing over $2500 seeing vets, equine chiropractors, and even equine massage therapists, all of which couldn’t tell us what was wrong or even help him, we were left with the decision to put him down. We couldn’t continue to see him this way. The pain that he was experiencing could be seen in his eyes and in his movements in the pasture. We couldn’t touch the top of his head or even brush him as he would cringe and pull away. The spasms that he would experience were terrible.

Thanks to God, Marty Van Winkle and her PHOTONIC TORCH was introduced into our lives and she had an opportunity to come spend some time with us. In two treatments you could see the dramatic improvements with Bo.
Marty took the time to explain what she was doing and why she was doing it. Some of what she would say we didn’t understand but we saw dramatic results as she done her work. When before you couldn’t touch the top of his head now you can rub between his ears, before when I couldn’t even brush him now he stands silent and enjoys it.

He is back to being a normal horse and we have even started training again. What Marty has to offer is priceless, and also restored our horse back to normal. Bo has since not relapsed and we continue to ride him pain free. Thank you Marty and God Bless you.   

Rob Brown; Douglas, Kansas

robMy 7 year old mare Gracie had a colt three years ago and had never stopped producing milk. She became sore and irritable and began to buck when ridden. She would kick when I cinched her up or touched her belly. I took her to every vet and even called a reputable university for help. No one could help and we tried everything.

I was about to give up when a fellow roper said if anyone could help my mare, it was Marty VanWinkle with her "light". With a little time and patience, she and her light has done what no one else could do in three years-- made my mare well.
My mare has stopped producing milk, is no longer wringing her tail or bucking and she no longer kicks at me. Gracie is enjoying life thanks to that light.

 I will not hesitate to recommend the Photonic Torch to anyone with horse problems. I am a true believer.  Thanks Marty!

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