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renee boling

Renee Boling; Greenfield, IA

Renea Bolling – Double B Productions – Barrel Bash – Owner/Rider Fast Frenchman. I bought “Dinero” Jan of his 3 year old year. He was halter broke and to call him a spook would be an understatement! My dad spent most of his 3 year old year desensitizing him and getting him ready to ride. It was a long trying process with constant setbacks especially involving anything with his head. Over time he got better but still was “sensitive” regarding his head and ears. Chiropractic adjustments did not seem to fix the problem at hand. Fall 2008 I met Marty through a mutual friend and she began working on “Dinero” and his chronic “head problem” she spent hours working on him with the light and when I left from the finals she felt she had made significant progress add so did I. Being the skeptic I was I wasn't really convinced of the effectiveness until she offered to work on my back which gives me chronic pain. I thought ok if she can help MY back and it still feels better tomorrow I’ll KNOW she’s helping my horse and his head/neck pain. I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised to feel my back pain go away almost immediately and stay that way for more than a month! The pain I was getting down my leg stopped immediately. Martee met up with me again in March and worked on “Dinero” again and I feel that she has helped him tons! You can touch his ears now – and he is MUCH better about everything with his head. Thank you Marty

June Tibbitts; Terry, Montana

questSunday Sept. 9, 2007
Quest, our 2 year old filly, had tetanus acquired through a stone bruise. We had turned her out to heal up and but found her with her third eye lid 1/2 way covering her eyeball on both eyes. We called several vets and located some anti-toxoid serum. The location of the serum was 2 hours away. We gave her 8 vials of the serum. Quest’s body movements were quite rigid. She did nothave lockjaw yet and kept eating and drinking. She went down several days later. Ron got a halter on her and she was able to get up. We were all at a barrel race and doing lots of praying for this mare. Quest went down again the next day and Ron used two tractors to get the mare up (shewas down this time for several hours and got quite bruised). We used the photonic torch on thismare for 3 weeks, two times a day. We believe the torch, along with Gods providential power andmany prayers, healed Quest. She is 100% normal and only has a couple of scars on her from theday she was down for several hours. This mare loves having the torch used on her.
Since then we have visited with several vets, as well as going on the net, and have found no survivorsfrom tetanus that was this advanced. Thank you God and the Photonic Torch! j.t.

Equine Injury Healing aided with the Equinix Photonic Torch

injury1 Horse Injury injury3

This wreck happened on December 13, 2006. It was one of those freak accidents that occurred with a goseneck hitch on a trailer. This mare was originally stitched up for five days and then was opened up to drain a little at a time. By the thirteenth day it was completely open. We applied an ointment on this wound for 5 1/2 months. I reached a point where I felt like I was at a stand still. A friend of mine suggested that I try her photonic torch. I have been using it for 69 days and it is almost completely closed. This was a great blessing and the pictures speak for themselves. I would have never guessed that a little light could do such an amazing job. I often wonder how much sooner this would have healed if I had used it in the beginning. Thank You!– Tracy Oswald

Equine UseAmy Laymon
Ireally see a difference in the performance of all my horses when I consistently use my Photonic Torch.  It helps with body soreness and keeps them running at peak level.  A Lotta Rocket and I recently had the best run ever at the BBR Finals on the last day and I believe it was due to the Photonic Torch.  I used it a lot at the show because he was stalled on concrete and he never became sore.  Thanks for selling me the light and I think it’s a must for all no matter what the riding discipline if you want to stay competitive.  The Photonic Torch and Silver Lining Herbs along with proper nutrition, stretching, and hoof care alleviates the need for high dollar maintenance that so many incur.  Thanks again!

                                     Kristen Meier- Kinta, Oklahoma

equine treatmentDear Marty,
I absolutely love the results I have seen from the Photonic Torch. The level of competition horses compete under today can take a toll on their bodies. The Photonic Torch is one of the tools I use to keep my horses feeling their best. It has been successful in relieving them of muscle soreness and also helping to relieve anxiety and nervousness at competition. My husband, Austin has also seen improvement with his Asthma symptoms with regular use of the torch. Whether it is the horses or us, when there is an ache or pain we use the torch to find relief.Thanks so much,Kristen Meier and Dash For Real
2005 Old Fort Days Derby Finalist





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