Equínix Photonic Torch, LLC

Red Light Healing 
Relieves Pain and Muscle Soreness,Equine, Human, Canine use. 

Equine Health Care, Our Specialty

The PHOTONIC TORCH has been manufactured since1991 for use by veterinarians, horse massage therapists and veterinary acupuncturists.

Our Photonic Torches continue to be used successfully by professionals and laypersons around the world for stimulating acupoints on large and small animals and humans. The kit includes charts for horses with clearly illustrated points to be stimulated for numerous conditions. It includes hints for maintaining the mental and physical well-being of your animals; to improve performance and relieve pain and soreness in the horse’s most vulnerable stress sites.

This Torch is used internationally by horse owners, breeders and leading trainers and handlers.

This kit includes:  Photonic Torch, Charts, Guide Book

Horse treatment guide covers:
  • Problems with foreleg – hoof, fetlock, cannon, pastern, knee, elbow, shoulder
  • Hindleg – Fetlock, foot shank
  • Stifle, hock, hip, shin soreness, neck
  • Back – Low, Mid, High
  • General Pain
  • Posterior Paresis
  • Temporo Mandibular Jaw Problems
  • Tying up
  • Tendon Problems in general
  • Navicular Disease
  • Circulation Problems – Forelimb, Hind limb
  • Pedal Osteitis
  • Abdominal Conditions
  • Hormonal & Reproductive Conditions
  • Miscellaneous Problems: Insomnia, hiccups, itchy skin, stimulate immune system, bleeding gums, cough, breathing problems, improve performance, stimulate growth, bladder infections, nasal discharge, reduce stress, improve balance and more.