Equínix Photonic Torch, LLC

Red Light Healing 
Relieves Pain and Muscle Soreness,Equine, Human, Canine use. 

Equine Testimonies

The PHOTONIC TORCH has been manufactured since1991 for use by veterinarians, horse massage therapists and veterinary acupuncturists.

In early May I was taking barrel racing lessons from Joyce Loomis Kernek.  How I got involved in barrel racing lessons is another story, but that’s when I met” Rico.”

Runnin Ricochet Bars
Life time earnings Approx $170,000.00
Owner Thomas Souza  Brazil

Day one three legged. 
Day two bearing weight.
Day 3 & 4 slight limp. 
Day 5: back to riding. 
The light can perform miracles

My name is Gary “Baddog” Bennett, and I am a 13 time World and National Class Champion in Cowboy Mounted Shooting and a Wild West Performer; the following is a true story: My back had been out for 9 months.  I’m not talking a little sore, I’m talking full on could not walk straight, bend over, or even remove my spurs.  All I could do on a horse was walk; no trot, no lope.   This was a real problem since I am a full time horse trainer.  My wife had to saddle my horses and load the truck and trailer; I would pop pain meds right before my runs on the horses she had to warm up for me.   I was going to the Chiropractors twice a week for the entire 9 months.  One day I delivered a horse I sold to its new home at a boarding facility.  Once there the owner looks at the newly delivered horse and says, “She’s sore.” She showed me where the mare was sore, there was a definite reaction, and then she whips out this flash light and says, “Watch this……. “   So the horse started lowering her head and blowing out… and when she rubbed the areas after treatment there was no reaction when pressing in the same spot that had gotten the reactions before.  OK I’m thinking, so maybe this flashlight works, but maybe not…. I asked her to do it on my back as no one had been able to fix it for 9 months….. She put this red flashlight thing right on my back……  24 minutes later I was pain free and could not believe what had just happened!  I bought a Photonic Torch right there on the spot and have been using it to keep myself and my four legged friends pain free ever since.  If you have any questions or just want to talk about my story or Cowboy Mounted Shooting please feel free to contact me at 602-565-1514 or visit my web site